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20 Things Learned: Accept Change

Lesson 17: Things change – accept it.

Be aware things change and accept it.

As Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: “The only constant in life is change”.

The economy changes. Laws around doing business change. Clients change their mind. Your circumstances or those of your clients change. Perceptions around getting work done change. New technology emerges. Competition comes and goes. Clients make commercial decisions to go in a different direction; they go bankrupt; retire; take up employment offers; or die. Economies crash. The value of dollars goes up and down. Client work becomes something different to what it started out as, or drops off markedly.

Business ebbs and flows in a constant cycle of peaks and troughs and you need to be ready for the lows as well as enjoying the highs.

Change is everywhere. It doesn’t serve you or your business to fight it. How you respond to those changes will determine your success – or failure in business.

Learn to roll with those punches and prepare for the lean times. Never stop marketing and never take anything including clients, for granted.

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