20 Things Learned: This is a Service Industry

Lesson 16: Remember you are in a service industry.

Remember you are providing a service – by which I mean we are in technically a ‘service industry’. After all our primary goal is to solve problems for clients.

So you cannot help the client who calls you? Send them to someone who can – let them know about VA directories. This is where joining networks comes in handy! Even look someone up for them while you have them on the phone to give them options. I’ve done this numerous times in the past and the client always leaves happy with the service I’ve provided.

Do not put in email footers that you will respond in three days, and if your mobile is your contact – answer it! At the very least respond to calls and emails the same day.

Quality service is ongoing even if there is nothing in it for you – providing good service gives the industry as a whole a good name. Clients will come back to the VA who provided them something, especially when there was nothing in it for the VA.

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