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Digital Resilience: Lessons From The Optus Outage

Strategising risk management in the interconnected digital landscape to ensure business continuity and individual resilience

Lessons from the Day Optus Left 10 Million+ Australians in the Dark Ever had a day where your entire digital world crumbled? If you’re with Optus, you might have experienced the recent meltdown that left over 10 million Aussies disconnected. Whether you were directly affected or just heard the buzz, here’s a recap of the…Read more

Why Human Transcriptionists Remain Vital

Image: AI transcriptionist at work, showcasing accuracy and expertise in converting audio to text for diverse industries - medical, legal, authors, and researchers

One of the most frequent enquiries I receive in my practice is for transcription services – digital, microtape, standard tape (yes, still tape!). These enquiries are not just from potential clients but from new VAs wanting to ‘get in on’ what looks like a burgeoning niche in the Virtual Assistant industry. Remember just because you…Read more