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20 Things Learned: I’m the Boss

Businesswoman with confident posture demonstrating the 'I'm the boss' mindset in a professional setting

Lesson 4: Have an I’m the Boss mindset! A common misconception is that this means you can do what you want. When I say no to coffee dates during the day, kick out friends who drop in, or when my daughter was at school and I used to respond to questions about what we were…Read more

20 Things Learned: Not Everyone can be a VA

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Lesson 2: Being a VA is not for everyone – and not everyone can be a VA! Just because you can type doesn’t mean you can run a successful transcription business. Just because you know your way around WordPress doesn’t mean you’ll have a successful web design business. Just because you were a PA or…Read more

20 Things Learned: Not a Hobby

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Lesson 1: Being a VA is not a hobby or a side hustle. It’s a business – with all that entails! The first thing I’ve learned in this business – being a VA is NOT a hobby or a ‘side hustle’. It’s not a way to make easy money. It’s a business – with all…Read more

VA Industry Evolution

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Tech transformations that happened in your lifetime A couple of months ago I was invited by veteran VA Sharon Williams of The 24 Hour Secretary and OIVAC to join a committee comprising other veteran VAs from around the world to discuss updating the Core Competencies we had worked on back in 2004. The other members…Read more

The address, the house and the land

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Why you need all three if you want a web presence! One of the services I offer to clients is helping them set up their domain name and website. I also provide (for WordPress sites) an updating service including site, theme and plug in updates, as well as blog posting, social media graphics etc. (Contact…Read more

Employee or VA?

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Just a reminder: If you are setting your assistant’s rate or dictating their hours and manner of work completion, they aren’t a VA – they’re a teleworker or home-based employee. One defining feature of a VA is that they are SELF-EMPLOYED. That means – among other things – they: They are, for all intents and…Read more

Personality Differences – Employees v Entrepreneurs

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This article appeared in Business Insider – I’ve copied and pasted it below with a link to the original. Scientists Have Discovered a Personality Difference Between Entrepreneurs and Employees Around 13% of Americans are starting or running their own companies. Almost everyone else is an employee. We may have found out the difference between the…Read more