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History of the VA Industry

“The hardest thing for me is no one knows about VAs.”

“I say I’m a VA but people look at me like ‘do you exist?’!”

“Being a VA is so new I find it hard to get clients because no one knows about us.”

“People think a VA is an Indian call centre or someone who works for $5 an hour.”

“No one knows about us!”

These are the complaints we continue to hear from people new to the VA industry. Did you know that the VA industry isn’t new? It has been going for decades – in fact since 1981 when working from home wasn’t even considered a “real job”!  It was hard enough when I got started in February 2000 – when there was no telecommuting, flexible working arrangements and only dial up internet! In fact 99% of the apps and tech we have available now didn’t even exist back then! So here’s a terrific infographic from Sharon Williams – a veteran of the industry and one of my most valued mentors – showing the industry over its first 25 years. As Sharon says:

“Knowing your history helps you understand your foundation, where you come from and most important WHY you can now build a long-term, sustainable business – it’s because of those that came before you, 10, 15, 20, 25 years ago – people who walked the walk, talked the talk, and spent many hours answering questions and overcoming obstacles, that have paved the way for you to be the Virtual Assistant you are today.

Please don’t forget where you came from. Your History is Your Future!”