There are so many things that need to be done – even before the writing is completed! It can be quite confusing, and time-consuming for authors do to it all themselves. And why should you if you don’t have to? As your invisible right hand we take care of the background stuff while you get on with the business of writing!

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Australia’s third certified Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant, I look forward to assisting you with any of the following tasks in these stages of book publication:

  • Inventory and organise your source documents
  • Fact check and do book research
  • Obtain permissions to use quotes and stats
  • Coordinate peer and audience reviews
  • Coordinate soliciting testimonials
  • Research potential publishers
  • Format the manuscript to send to a publisher
  • Coordinate the self-publishing process
  • Help you find a great cover designer, editor and other professionals
  • Get the ISBN, LCCN, bar code, etc.
  • Find the right printer
  • Get the copyright registered (where applicable – Australian authors note copyright does not need to be registered as copyright is automatic the minute you put pen to paper)

We no longer offer marketing services. The marketing of your book should ideally begin before the writing process. Please see the VAA directory to find a VAA who can assist with marketing services which can include:

  • Coordinate promotional activities
  • Send out packages to get industry reviews
  • Entering books in awards competitions
  • Create a virtual book launch or book tour

We can however still assist with blog set up and posting and article submissions.

For help with your book preparation and self-publishing, contact us.

With over 15 years executive level administration experience I have exceptional organisational skills. Having worked since 2000 in the virtual world, I have access to a large network of international professionals with broad expertise and can manage a virtual team. I also have experience organising and running webinars which can be a useful avenue for promoting your book.

As my gift to you, please feel free to download the following information sheets/eBooks on how an author’s assistant can get you from concept to published book!

(all in PDF format – a new window will open)

What a Virtual Author’s Assistant Can Do For You

Work with an Author’s Assistant to Write Your Book

Work with an Author’s Assistant to Publish Your Book

Work with an Author’s Assistant to Market Your Book

Publishing for Authors – ebook

Marketing for Authors – ebook

For help with your book preparation and self-publishing, contact us.

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