Dial In Dictation

eSOS is proud to announce we are the first virtual assistant practice in Australia to offer clients affordable dial-in dictation services.


While other services offer upload of your files (we do too!), this is the first offering made available to Australian-based clients where you can dial-in your dictation to a cloud-based provider for the cost of a local call.
How does it work?

  • You dial a local number eSOS provides you
  • Following the prompts, you dictate
  • The recording is uploaded to a secure FTP server
  • eSOS receives email notification the file is available
  • eSOS types up and returns your work in the usual way


Can’t I just go direct to Cloud Call?

Yes, but you will then be dialing an international number. Toll-free numbers in the US do not work outside the US – which means even if you receive and dial the toll-free number, you will receive a recorded message to the effect “The toll-free number you are dialling is not available from your country”. Previously there has been no way around this … until now!

With the system eSOS is providing you will only pay the cost of a local call.*


What does it cost?

There is a $20/month fee ongoing (subject to change), plus total minute charges. For a short time these total minute charges are waived.

You will also pay a local call cost to your telephone service provider.


If you are interested in taking up this service please contact us – we will be able to set you up with the service and provide full, detailed instructions on accessing it so you can get dictating today!


(*Prices subject to change. Call costs will be higher from mobile phones.)