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20 Things Learned: Be Flexible!

Business adaptability and flexibility: key lessons for thriving in a dynamic market - Execstress

Lesson 6: Whilst a niche is good… be flexible! This is especially important when you are starting out because all work is good work. The most important thing you can have is a satisfied client – even if that client is another VA. You’re after testimonials. Testimonials are one of the best tools you have…Read more

20 Things Learned: Find Your Niche

Find your niche in the market and gain a competitive edge. Unlock success by identifying your unique market positioning

Lesson 5: Don’t try and be all things to all people. Find your niche! You know the old saying: If you’re a jack of all trades you’re a master of none. It’s okay to be a generalist but try to find your niche. This makes you one IN a million instead of one OF a…Read more