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Employee or VA?

Image alt text: Visual representation comparing an employee and a virtual assistant, aiding the decision-making process. ExecStress.com provides insights

Just a reminder: If you are setting your assistant’s rate or dictating their hours and manner of work completion, they aren’t a VA – they’re a teleworker or home-based employee. One defining feature of a VA is that they are SELF-EMPLOYED. That means – among other things – they: They are, for all intents and…Read more

The Cost of Staff

Image alt text: Visual representation of staffing costs and optimization strategies. Unlock insights at ExecStress.com

Have you ever thought what it actually costs you to have onsite staff? In addition to their hourly rate you’ve got expenses like payroll tax, superannuation, workcover premium, holiday and sick leave, paid maternity/paternity leave, and the costs of office space, equipment (including wear and tear and upgrades), power, lighting and telephone. Then if your…Read more

What’s a VA Do?

Image alt text: Unveiling the Role and Services of a virtual assistant at execstress.com

Ever wondered what sorts of things a VA can actually do? One of my clients did and recently asked me for a list. So, here’s that list. This is by no means comprehensive and if the task isn’t on this list it doesn’t mean a VA can’t do it. Just ask and you’ll find out!…Read more