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Make your garage work for you … as a home office

Garage home office setup with organized workspace, desk, and comfortable chair - eSOS

You’ve got a business that has outgrown your current office arrangement of a kitchen table, laptop, and cell phone. Or, if you started out like me, a cupboard in the living room! Congratulations! But now what? Where will you find the room? Shy of kicking one of your children out of their bedrooms, you’re going…Read more

Practicing Excellent Self-Care as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur practicing self-care: Balancing work and personal life for success - eSOS

It’s been a tough 18 months – especially for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Now more than ever it’s important we look after ourselves. Stephanie Haywood from My Life Boost joins the blog as a guest contributor and shares her top tips for taking better care of yourself! Being an entrepreneur is often associated with late nights…Read more