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“Lyn is exceptional. Building my own consultancy, I was in need of someone who could help shoulder the load while representing my company positively. Lyn doesn’t only excel in those two areas but continually shows initiative and helps lead in areas of my business I just don’t have the time or knack for. I’d highly recommend Lyn to any business owner who needs someone to help organise their life and take that next step in their business journey.”

– Karl Brockman – Brockman Consulting – Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

“I’ve been in business for 28 years. I had full time paid administrators in my life for 23 of those years. Went it alone for two years and my life started to fall apart. I had no admin support. Then I met Lyn. Despite the fact that we have never laid eyes on each other in a physical form, we enjoy the most wonderful working relationship. I am amazed to find that someone from another state who’s never met me can care about my business and care about me and get things done quickly and time effectively using the wonders of modern technology. Old school values using modern technology is how I would describe Lyn. She’s been awesome for my business and I’ve recommended her to a number of my colleagues. I am a big fan.”

– Evan Bulmer – Evan Bulmer Consulting – Grange, SA, Australia

“Thank you for all your help and support … You have made my transition [to consulting] so much easier that I still find it difficult to imagine what it would have been like without you. I value the relationship and … think very highly of the professionalism of your work and the manner in which you do it.”

– Grant Murdoch – Murdoch Corporate Finance, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

“Thank you so much for all your help. It has made my first year in my exercise physiology business much less overwhelming.”

– Adam Burton – The Active Body Project – Adelaide, South Australia

“Whenever you entrust anyone with work, tasks or initiatives that impact your reputation, you cannot be too choosy. Lyn Prowse-Bishop is a benchmark resource when you’re feeling that choosy. Her knowledge and application is truly exceptional. It comes from vast experience and uncompromising character. She is known internationally across a broad spectrum of the business community, so this testimonial is not news. How gratifying it is to her clients and partners, of whom I am one, to rest easy thanks to her reliability, efficiency, candour and consistent integrity.”

– Stephen Wren – Stephen Wren Consulting – Gold Coast, Australia

“Lyn was not only incredibly quick in turning our report into a client-ready product, she was also very responsive in getting to grips with all the detail of what we wanted. She’s a real team member and great to work with.”

– Phil Potterton – Economic Connections Pty Ltd – Canberra, ACT, Australia

“Provocative and providential are descriptive words that energize Lyn Prowse-Bishop’s engaging character. Her professionalism is elite. And she will run your business the same way. I am profoundly fond of Lyn for many special reasons and I cannot emphasize enough her most highest character trait: Integrity wrapped with complete and consistent authenticity and transparency. Profoundly likeable and sublimely intuitive. She’s always on point and involves you in her process of bringing out the best you. When life gives you an important book to write it’s beneficial to have Lyn on your book.”

Michael Pokocky – Author, Ste-Adele, Quebec, Canada

“I met Lyn online in 2004 and had a close working relationship that continues to this day. Lyn Prowse-Bishop is a woman of quality work, high standards and a joy to work with. Proficient, courteous, personable and prompt! I love it! I like her work and will continue to do business with her. After all, ‘business is personal’ as a good friend of mine says…’if I like you, I’ll do business with you.’ I like Lyn. A wonder woman when it comes to taking care of business, I love her energy and timeliness and when I get stuck on something, she jumps right in and takes care of it for me. I give thanks for Lyn and all that she does to make my life a lot easier. If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant, look no farther!”

– Tonya Freeman – Author-Keynote Speaker, Roswell, USA

“Thanks once again for the great job you’ve done in putting this together for me. To finally see my own publication, in print, after talking about it seemingly forever, is a real milestone for me professionally and personally. Without your help, guidance, initiative and patience, it would still be a thought bubble. I look forward to working with you again on putting the next bunch into people’s hands.”

– Dean Robinson – The Family Business Transformer – Camden, NSW, Australia

“I have been working with Lyn Prowse-Bishop as a Virtual Office Assistant for over five years. Throughout this time, Lyn has provided me with timely and top quality service to support my medical practice. Lyn’s availability, communication skills, and ability to undertake complex and sensitive work under a tight timeline has been consistent and impressive, even after periods where I have been away on extended leave or my workflow has fluctuated in volume. Lyn is always professional, and a pleasure to work with. Having utilised a number of assistants over the years, I highly recommend Lyn for the job.”

– Assoc. Prof. Y Hollander, Vic, Australia

“I have worked with Lyn for about 16 years. She has assisted me with typing of my medico-legal and other reports. Lyn’s professionalism, organisation, accuracy and rates have always been fantastic and I strongly recommend her as a virtual assistant, typist and for all office support.”

– Dr David Weissman – Malvern Road Psychiatry – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“Lyn is a rock star. I hired Lyn to help me take my book from manuscript to published on Amazon. While that may sound simple, it’s anything but simple! Lyn was expert in all things formatting and logistical. She saved me countless hours of mistakes and frustration. She is diligent and easy to communicate and work with. I highly recommend her work.”

– Dan Weedin – Emerging Risk Solutions – Washington, USA

“I have known Lyn since 2006. We began working together when I did a teleseminar for her. Since then I have worked with her over the years. She is professional, easy to work with, organized and brings innovation into whatever she does. She reaches thousands of people with her teleseminars (through AVBN) and has helped them propel their business to the next level. if you are in search of a way to reach thousands, or if you are in need of a virtual assistant that can make your life easier … reach out to Lyn.”

– Fran Capo – Author, Motivational Speaker, 3-time World Record Holder, New York, USA

“Working in the Gold Coast environment can sometimes present challenges with some local firms not meeting the highest professional standards. Executive Stress Office Support however, is a business on which we can rely with absolute certainty, that we will receive efficient high quality service. I also appreciate the efforts [Lyn has] made to track down particular services through [her] international network, in connection with some of our project requirements. … Executive Stress is about relationships as much as it is about efficiencies. Thanks again for setting the standards in your chosen profession.”

– David Beard, Director – Coastsure Insurance Agency Pty Ltd, Nerang, Qld, Australia

“Lyn joined our team to put together our 2020 Certified SME Advisors Special Reports. With her final edits, converting to the Queen’s English, and assembling the final document, she made the process look easy. That’s the sign of a pro at work!”

– Phil Symchych – The Business Wealth Builder ® – Regina, SK, Canada

“Lyn was recommended to me by a couple of colleagues. I can’t express enough how happy I am with the quality of her work, the professionalism, and the help she has given me!”

– Art Koch – President, Arthur Koch Management Consulting – Florida, USA

“I’m so happy with Lyn’s fabulous support… she’s efficient, skilled and gets stuff done fast! Thanks to her support I was able to get the latest edition of my bestseller ‘How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST’ up and into the hands of readers around the world in record time. The steps involved would have overwhelmed me. Thanks so much for your help!”

– Sandy Forster – Wildly Wealthy – Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

“I have used eSOS’s services for about 20 years and found the accuracy and timeliness to be faultless. Always ready to meet reasonable demands.”

– Gerard Egan (retired) – Lawyer/Arbitrator, NSW Worker’s Compensation Commission, Australia

“I have worked together with Lyn in an organisation which required integrity, hard work and commitment. Lyn has all of these attributes and more. Within hours of her joining our organisation as Secretary she had our membership list up to date and brought us all online. I am so indebted to the work she has done. I highly recommend Lyn in all that she does.”

– Margot Gray – WIZO Kesher – Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia

“Lyn was a massive help to my business in that she built and arranged to get my website hosted and secure, and has managed it for the last 10 years. I have found Executive Stress Office Support to be a most professional online business always going above and beyond.”

– David Bishop – Warwick Whips, Warwick, Qld, Australia

“I’ve worked with Lyn on a few projects and can attest to her attention to detail and thorough research into any subject that she is unfamiliar with. Couple this with her sunny disposition and you have an ideal resource to help your business thrive.”

– Justin Zehner – Zehn Electrical, Buderim, Qld, Australia

“Lyn was requested by the Warwick Chamber of Commerce to help develop and implement our online and social media presence following the appointment of a new committee and as part of a rebranding phase. This included setup of our website, and Facebook page. She has been extremely efficient, proactive and responsive to our requests and requirements, and continues to voluntarily manage these parts of the Chamber’s business to this day. We have seen a month-on-month increase in membership and social media engagement, thanks largely to Lyn’s excellent work.”

– David Martin (ex Vice President, WCOC) – Southwest Wholesalers, Warwick, Qld, Australia

“Thanks so much for your work. It has increased my productivity enormously. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I’m so happy I came across your services.”

– Tess Lake, Author – Tess Lake, North Carolina, USA

“Lyn is excellent. Very responsive with exceptional quality.”

– Kim Seeling Smith – Ignite Global – Mosman, NSW, Australia

“The partners of this firm have been using the excellent services of Executive Stress Office Support for many years. The speed and turnaround of dictation and tasks and accuracy is outstanding and the fees for the service are most reasonable. Recently we have forwarded templates for statutory documents to eSOS and they have been able to be used efficiently and properly. We have no hesitation in recommending the services of eSOS.”
– Peter Sames, Partner – Lee Sames Egan, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

“Lyn thank you so much for your recent work.  I was thrilled with the speed and accuracy of your work.  Your turn around time was way above my expectation.  I have previously had overseas people do transcription for me but your ability to accurately understand my accent and your ability to edit on the fly provided far greater value for money.  I look forward to having you do further work for me and I would highly recommend you to others.”

– Warwick Merry, Motivational Speaker, Trade Show/Expo Guru – The Get More Guy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“Lyn is the most dedicated, professional person I have ever met.  Every client is an individual not just a statistic on her note pad, her work is 100% for them. She is diligent, efficient and she cares about what she puts out as it reflects not only on her but on the businesses she looks after.”

– Donna Page – Promoter/Manager – Moonfire Entertainment

“Thanks Lyn for the transcript – it looks great! The transcript is well laid out and structured, and turnaround was quick and efficient. Thanks for your help. Hope to use you again soon!”

– Donna Hanson – Prime Solutions, Lower Plenty, Victoria, Australia

“Lyn has done quite a bit of work for me when I published Honestly Woman magazine, from preparing address labels for mail outs, to setting up the subscriber database from scratch. Lyn has also transcribed digital audio files into Word docs for me, and I have referred professional contacts to her for the same work, which they were thrilled with. I recommend Lyn thoroughly because she is professional and very easy to work with.”

– Bev Ryan – Smart Women Publish, Brisbane, Australia

“Lyn Prowse-Bishop and her company, Executive Stress Office Support, came highly recommended, and at a time when we were seeking the very best professional help. Lyn’s work is conscientious, timely and accurate, respecting both confidentiality and deadlines. She has exceeded our expectations. We have now established an extremely valuable on-going relationship and look forward to a great future together.

– Michael Collins – Ghost Writer – & Jane Theresa Anderson – Dream Sight Corporation Pty Ltd, Qld, Australia

“A more professional, dedicated and efficient person would be hard to find. Lyn and I have been working together for the past three years and I can highly recommend her secretarial services to any prospective client. She constantly produces work of exceptional quality, possessing sound knowledge of a variety of software packages. Added to her professional skills, Lyn is trustworthy, adheres to exceptionally strong business ethics, and is a wonderful person!”

– Linda Raper – Wordwork Secretarial, NSW, Australia

“I have retained Lyn Prowse-Bishop as my virtual assistant for many months and her assistance has been extraordinary. Everything I have asked her to do has been done professionally and in a timely manner. She does all my debtors invoicing having set up a professional template for Preslane invoices. She makes bookings for me and I trust her absolutely with my credit card details. She has helped me find suitable service providers for web and blog development and I also sought her advice as to which charity in which to make a small investment. I commend Lyn Prowse-Bishop and her service to any small business in which the principal is busy and needs assistance with the “admin” including all those things most of us don’t want to do.”

– Mike Palmer, Principal – Preslane, Robina, Qld, Australia

“[Lyn] is a very conscientious, self-motivated and able virtual assistant; we are pleased to have her on our team. Lyn has been offering our publishing firm – located in the US – consistent and dependable service since September 12, 2002. [Lyn] is a very agreeable worker and she handles all of our requests in a timely and professional manner. It is our pleasure and pride to keep Lyn as part of our team as we feel that she is an asset and an integral part of our success online.”

– Justine Smythe, Managing Director – Ash Tree Publishing, Woodstock, NY, USA

“I have been working with [Lyn] and Executive Stress Office Support since January 2002. This relationship has benefited my work life primarily by speeding up my ability to compose and send correspondence, but Lyn’s work has also included helping us with reports, monitoring for new contacts, and doing digital design work. The effectiveness of the relationship is almost entirely due to the excellent work that Lyn always does. … Lyn has always been there and, amazingly, always delivers – even when I’ve been out of touch for weeks. Lyn’s assistance has been and will continue to be an important part of our project in connecting US, Russia, China, Korea and Europe with high-speed advanced networks (for science and education). I’ve reached the point where I really consider (and speak of) Lyn as a member of our team. That’s as much a testament to Lyn – her abilities and her professionalism – as to the idea of remote virtual assistants – but in fact, our experience confirms both idea and implementation.”

– Greg Cole, Principal Investigator – Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development (GLORIAD), Knoxville, TN, USA

“I have known Lyn for several years as an experienced and professional VA in the industry. She is actively involved in promoting and being an advocate for the industry and is passionate about what she does. Lyn is very personable and is happy to share her experiences and knowledge with other VAs. I cannot recommend Lyn highly enough to anyone wanting a professional, experienced and valuable asset to their team.”

– Dee Verrall – Net Secretary, SA, Australia

“Lyn is one of the most professional Virtual Business Owners I have the pleasure of knowing. She is an advocate for the Virtual Assistant industry and doesn’t hesitate to share information with those who are new to the industry. AVBN is just one example of the lasting mark Lyn has made in the online community.” – Kylie Short, Tilda Virtual, Vic, Australia

“Lyn’s contribution to the small business industry is a great value. She gives of her business and herself without hesitation and serves her colleagues with excellence.”

– Roberta E Eastman – The Customers Corner, Nipomo, CA, USA

“Thanks so much for your work and help with transcribing our interviews this year. We really appreciate the professionalism and promptness of your work”.

– Rosemary Priebe – DETA, Qld Government, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

“Thank you very much for your professional and timely response in getting our transcription back to us. Great service.”

– John Barrington – Barrington Consulting Group, Wembley, WA, Australia

“As a professional resume writer, the career marketing documents I design demand complete accuracy and professionalism. I have had the pleasure of working with Lyn Prowse-Bishop from Executive Stress Office Support since January 2002, during which time she has meticulously reviewed and edited all of my material. Often working on a tight timeframe, Lyn has stepped up to the mark time and again with her talented editing and writing skills, ensuring our career marketing documents, articles and written transcripts are grammatically sound and error free. Lyn’s expertise, professionalism and dedication to task are outstanding.”

Annemarie Cross, Hallam, Vic, Australia

“From your American and Russian friends – we sure are grateful for all your help and really glad that we can work together. It’s really amazing to us when we pause to reflect on it, how we can all work together across the globe. Lyn, it just amazes me how good the stuff you send back to me is – I really appreciate it more than I can say.”

– Natasha Bulashova/Greg Cole – Friends & Partners, USA

“I found [Lyn’s] service to be most efficient and the results most pleasing. Lyn’s manner is most professional and I would commend the service to anybody such as myself who does not have a full time secretary”.

– John Goldsmith – Qld State Manager, Tyco Flexible Piping Systems