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School Holidays … Already?!

Family enjoying outdoor activities during school holidays - eSOS

It’s school holidays already… again. They seem to come around faster and faster. And school holidays can sometimes send the work-from-home carer into a tail spin! What do you do with the kids? How are you going to get all your work done? This is a common problem for lots of work-from-home parents including Virtual…Read more

20 Things Learned: Enjoy it!

Person finding joy and fulfillment in work and life - eSOS

Lesson 19: Really enjoy what you do! Remember why you got started in your practice. It could have been because of childcare needs; elder care; disability; a desire for more freedom or to be your own boss; or as a means for re-entering the workforce.  But if you don’t enjoy it why do it? Life is…Read more

20 Things Learned: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Let go of small worries to reduce stress and find peace - eSOS

Lesson 18: Don’t sweat the small stuff! I have seen so many VAs get really upset online when they see an article for example promoting the use of offshore VAs. Instead of getting riled up and attacking the author, refocus your marketing efforts on educating the market on what professional VAs really look like! Write…Read more